Success Stories

Jack - an 18 year old sophomore

(All names and identifying information in this case study have been changed to protect the confidentiality 
of this student.  However, the story is an accurate description of the services that Communities In Schools 
– Bay Area provides to students and families.)

       Jack is an 18-year-old sophomore who was initially referred to Communities in Schools (CIS) by 
the school district’s social worker for homeless students for assistance with financial issues.  Jack is 
currently living with his brother after his mother kicked him out of her house during an argument they 
were having.
       During the initial meeting Jack shared that his brother, who is only two years older than Jack, 
works at a minimum wage job to support the two and also attends college to further his education.  Paying 
rent and college expenses does not always leave much money for groceries so Jack often comes to school 
hungry.  Jack is currently enrolled full-time at Clear Creek High School and also attends night school to 
make up credits he lost when his mother moved him from school to school during his initial sophomore 
year. Because of his full schedule at school he is unable to work during the week and has not been 
successful finding a weekend job.
       CIS has assisted Jack in obtaining free breakfast and lunches at school. He also receives a 
backpack full of groceries every Friday to take home. The food is generously donated by the Student 
Council at CCHS. CIS was able to help Jack sign up for food stamps and Medicaid as Jack has medical 
issues that warrant medical care. His case is still pending but we are certain that he will qualify for these 
       The week before Thanksgiving Jack stated that he and his brother were not looking forward to the 
holidays because they were low on funds and would not be able to buy any groceries.  CIS was able to 
surprise Jack with a $ 100. - gift card to Kroger (generously donated by Ms. L. Tollett with DRDA).  
With the gift card and a backpack full of groceries, Jack and his brother were able to enjoy a bountiful 
Thanksgiving meal and also stock their refrigerator with fresh milk and other groceries. 
       CIS will continue to work with Jack through the remainder of this school year, making sure he 
has the support he needs in order to graduate at the end of the spring semester. He is working hard to 
make up the credits he missed and is well on track to be classified as a senior before we head out for the 
Christmas break. With his hard work and lots of support he is sure to walk across the graduation stage in 
June and receive his diploma.