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Jacobs Engineering

Our Adopt A School

Jacobs Engineering recently stepped forward to adopt Clear Springs High School students in a partnership with Communities in Schools.  Sharing the needs of our disadvantaged students, Jacobs and CIS have created an action plan to help.  

For our high school students, completing research and assignments at home utilizing computers and the internet is required and Jacobs Engineering is leading with a solution.  For many of our disadvantaged students who have computer access at home, Jacobs employees collected over fifty computers that work, but were being replaced by the latest models.  These computers were readied for use by our students so that their only excuse might be, “the printer ate my homework.”  Assisting with internet access as well, Jacobs donated over $1500 to CIS to provide a group of students with needed internet access.  

Jacobs employees were made aware of the needs of our high school seniors for prom and graduation, and collected gorgeous prom appropriate dresses and suits and ties.  The donated attire made prom available to 31 of our students and will provide appropriate graduation attire for our young men.  

Jacobs Engineering is also supporting Springs’ students with lunch and informal mentoring through a Lunch with a Leader program, as well as providing career speakers.  Jacobs Engineering employees are very appreciated role models for the CIS Basic, “a chance to give back to the community.”