CIS Events

The Communities In Schools program at KE Little Elementary School plans a variety of activities throughout the year to empower students to stay in school and achieve in life.  We are grateful to our campus and community for helping us with various events throughout the year.

Bingo for Books:
Students come with their families for an evening of grade level appropriate bingo (shapes/colors, sight words, numbers, etc).  The campus needs books appropriate to all grade levels to be given as prizes.

Book Swap:
Students are allowed to swap books they have already read for new books.  Books are also given away to students who may not have any so there is a need for extra books, primarily beginner chapter books to short novels.

Breakfast with Families:
Parents, grandparents, guardians, etc., are invited to eat breakfast with students and shop at the Book Fair.  A book basket is raffled off. The campus particularly needs books and family centered magazines in Spanish to be given away to families of our bilingual and ESL students.

Caught Red Handed:
Students caught exhibiting exceptional behavior are rewarded with a trip to the prize box and having their name displayed on the bulletin board.  A gift card is also given away monthly. Small toys, journals, fancy supplies, and pocket games are needed to fill the prize box.

Question of the Week:
Each week, students are asked a question related to math or science. If they answer correctly, they are entered into a drawing for a gift certificate to a local restaurant. This student incentive program requires the collection of small ($5.00 - $10.00) gift cards and certificates to local restaurants or activities for children.

Career Day:
Students explore the variety of careers available to them “job fair” style.  They have a chance to ask questions and “interview” people from many different professions to get an idea of what they would like to be when they grow up. Volunteers for this event are needed as well as provisions for the presenters (breakfast, signage, etc).

Holiday Adopt a Family:
Volunteers are needed to help families during the holiday season with gifts and food.  During the Holiday season CIS – Bay Area Campus Coordinators match economically disadvantaged families with individual or group sponsors to provide for their tangible needs at Christmas. Christmas can be a very stressful time for these families and this program brings them a little joy. Without the benefit of an adoption, these families would be looking forward to a very grim holiday.

Snack Packs
Many children receive their only two meals during the day at school.  Therefore CIS tries to send home snack packs over weekends and holiday breaks to ensure that students have food throughout the time they are not in school.  The campus needs snack foods, breakfast foods and other items that are easy for kids to prepare (i.e. spaghetti-o’s, mac and cheese, oatmeal, crackers, etc).