Our Needs

There are many things  you can donate to help a child stay in school and prepare for life. Here is our Campus Wish List:

Small denomination gift cards ($5 - $10) for local fast food places

School Supplies:
New and used books appropriate for grades PK-4
Clear and Mesh Backpacks
Folders with pockets and brads
Red and Blue plastic folders
Clorox Wipes
Expo Markers
Crayola Markers (fat and thin)
Colored Pencils
PLAIN one subject spiral notebooks (all colors)
Pencil Cap Erasers
Children’s Tennis shoes sizes 10-4
Children’s underwear sizes 4-10
Girls uniform shirts sizes 4-12
Boys and girls jeans sizes 6/6x-12
T-shirts/tanks XS-XL
Smelly kids Shampoo/conditioner (i.e. suave)
Lice Shampoo (RID)