CIS Events

The Communities In Schools program at Dunbar Middle School plans a variety of activities throughout the year to empower students to stay in school and achieve in life.  We are grateful to our campus and community for helping us with various events throughout the year.
Career Fair
An annual event, 65-75 different companies volunteer their time for two hours and meet with the 6th graders to discuss their careers. The 6th graders are given 45 minutes to explore the fair, ask questions and move about freely. Because we have such a huge 6th grade class (360/370) we have the Career Fair set up in our gym and cafeteria; the students then swap; after 45 minutes if you were in the gym you switch to the cafeteria and vise-versa. The students love it and so do the volunteers.

Holiday Adopt a Family:
During the Holiday season CIS – Bay Area Campus Coordinators match economically disadvantaged families with individual or group sponsors to provide for their tangible needs at Christmas. Christmas can be a very stressful time for these families and this program brings them a little joy.   Without the benefit of an adoption, these families would be looking forward to a very grim holiday. Families will be chosen depending on their need to receive gifts for their children/spouse/themselves. 

Snack Pack Drive
Maxim Group and I work together to provide snack packs for my students as well as others in need. Many children receive their only two meals during the day at school.  Therefore CIS with the help of maxim group tries to send home snack packs over weekends and holiday breaks to ensure that students have food throughout the time they are not in school.  The campus needs snack foods, breakfast foods and other items that are easy for kids to prepare (i.e. spaghetti-o’s, mac and cheese, oatmeal, crackers, etc).

Clothing Drive:
Throughout the year Communities In Schools - Bay Area provides clothing to students who can’t afford a wardrobe. Items of clothing can be collected throughout the year. Clothes that are most needed include Boys & Girls Jeans (Children Size 8 through Adult X-Large), Solid Color Polo Shirts (Children Size 8 through Adult X-Large), Packaged Boys and Girls Underwear & Socks, and Tennis Shoes (Adult Sizes 5 - 10).

School Supplies Drive:
One of the many resources CIS-Bay Area offers students is furnishing school supplies. These supplies are always needed at the beginning of the year, but CIS distributes supplies every day to students who cannot afford them. The most needed school supplies are:
  • Mesh Backpacks 
  • Single subject Spiral Notebooks 
  • Folders with and without Brads 
  • Composition Books 
  • Index Cards (3 x 5)
  • Highlighters
  • Dividers
  • 1 and 2-inch Ring Binders
  • College Ruled Paper
  • Sketch Pads
  • Graph Paper